CV017 Dome 120 Cores Fiber Optic Cable Joint Box

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CV017 48 96 fibers Optical Splitter Joint Box Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure



1) Splice tray: Max. 5pcs, each 24cores

2) Cable port: 4pcs round port φ20mm, 1pc oval port for supporting cable entry without cutting. All cable ports are heat shrink sealing.

3) Waterproof: IP68

4) Wall-mounting, aerial hanger and pole-mount,buried

5) Material: outer shell use high impact resistance PP materials with UV.Inside structure use ABS plastic

    Model          Splice tray     Fiber core     Dimension(mm)       Net weight(Kg)  
  CV017    5 trays, each 24 fibers    120 fibers    Φ168× 433.5         3.31


  Item        name  Specification   unit    Qty(pcs)   remark
  1   tube  D=Ф4mm thickness 0.6mm,white     M   2  
  2  Cable splitter  Size:S  PCS  1
  3  Silver pater  15cm*10cm(with adhesive)  PCS  1  
  4  Heat shrinkable tube  Ф30*100mm/black  PCS  4  
  5  Heat shrinkable tube  Ф60*150mm/black  PCS  1  
  6  Plastic cable tie  3mm*120mm/white  PCS  5  
  7  Splice protect sleeve  60MM*3.0*1.5  PCS  /  As per fiber qty 
  8  Insulating tape  0.15*17mm*8 /black  PCS  1  
  9  Magic tape  350MM*15MM*3MM/black  PCS  1  
  10  Abrasive paper  320#(280*60mm)  PCS  1  
  11  Aerial kits  201 stainless steel  sets  1  

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